Symbol Categorization

From: fantasai <>
Date: Tue, 26 Jul 2011 13:53:57 -0700

So I've been doing some very close reading of the Po and So categories, and
there are a few things that aren't making sense to me. I was wondering why

   - per cent, per mille, per ten thousand classified as Other Punctuation
     (Po) not as Other Symbol (So)?

   - number sign, ampersand, and commercial at classified as Other Punctuation
    (Po), not Other Symbol (So)?

   These characters each symbolize a concept, and are not used as punctuation
   (except maybe in URLs, but that shouldn't count). So why are they punctuation
   and not symbols?

   - music sharp classified as Mathematical Symbol (Sm) not Other Symbol (So),
     while music flat is So, not Sm?

   - certain white triangles are classified as Mathematical Symbol (Sm)
     while their corresponding black triangles are classified as Other
     Symbol (So)?

   These just seem really inconsistent...

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