Re: How is NBH (U0083) Implemented?

From: Jukka K. Korpela <>
Date: Thu, 4 Aug 2011 08:05:44 +0300 wrote:

> If your assumption is that the standard isn't being implemented,

I made no such assumption. I referred to what has been implemented.

> If your goal is to produce non-confomant texts,

I have no such goal, though I surely will use non-conformant things if they
help to get things done and conformant things won’t.

> In addition, producing
> conformant text allows you to provide bug reports to non-conformant
> developers, thus aiding in the implementation of the standard.

If I produce texts that will be used by people unknown to me, I will have
little opportunity to make bug reports about their failures with software
they use to see or process my texts. And normally it is more important to
have the content and presentation of the text transmitted than to urge other
people to make bug reports.

Besides, which clause in the Unicode Standard says that the use of ZWNBSP
within text is non-conforming? A “should” statement is not a conformance

And which clause says that an implementation must support WORD JOINER? The
standard does not generally require support to all Unicode characters in all
implementations. And if support is not required, there is no case for a bug
report in the sense that this expression used to have in the good old times
(report on a violation of a requirement), just in the modern sense that
covers all kinds of wishes and proposals (including completely unrealistic

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