Public Review Issues Extended

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Date: Wed, 10 Aug 2011 16:36:40 -0700

The closing dates of the Public Review Issues for all proposed updates
to Unicode Standard Annexes for Unicode Version 6.1 have been extended
to October 24, 2011. The text of UAX #44 has also been updated to take
into account feedback reviewed at the UTC meeting last week.

Review periods for the following issues have also been extended to
October 24, 2011. The text of PRI #182 and PRI #185 will be changed, and
a separate announcement will be made about the changes.

177 Proposed Update UTS #46: Unicode IDNA Compatibility Processing
182 Proposed Update UTS #18: Unicode Regular Expressions
185 Revision of UBA for improved display of URL/IRIs

To supply feedback on any of these issues, see .

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