on proposed new Arab script characters for African lanugages (n3882)

From: mmarx <mmarx_at_zedat.fu-berlin.de>
Date: Fri, 12 Aug 2011 18:21:51 +0200

I want to warn against an aspect of n3883
by Lorna A. Priest, Martin Hosken (SIL International)

On p. 12 they state that West-Africans see the
angular damma as a glyph variant of round damma.
In spite of this they think it should be encoded
separately, and several variants of damma should
be encoded as well.

I think it is wrong to encode both "Guinean damma
with dot" (as shown on p. 12) and "Arabic damma
with dot" (p. 13).

I attach a couple of picture from Maghrebi Arabic
text displaying damma shaped more like the one seen
in West African texts rather than the one
called by Priest and Hosken "Arabic damma".

All of these damma signs are Arabic and if need be
I could produce pictures from many more editions
of the Qur'an displaying the angular damma shape.

If this is not the proper forum -- or not the
proper form -- please re-direct me to get this
discussed by the proper people.

libyian_damma.jpg Arab_dammaDot_o.jpg guinea_dammaDot_o.jpg Guinea_damma.jpg Kano_damma.jpg siebener_damma.jpg casa_damma.jpg Leiden_damma.jpg tijani_damma.jpg andalus_damma_1.jpg
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