Re: on proposed new Arab script characters for African lanugages (n3882)

From: Arno Schmitt <>
Date: Sat, 13 Aug 2011 10:10:48 +0200

Ken Whistler> ... The "Guinean
Ken Whistler> damma with dot" is encoded as:


Ken Whistler> Importantly, however, the issue is moot at this point. These decisions were
Ken Whistler> taken some time ago, and the technical ballots have passed.

Ken Whistler> People who have feedback on issues like this need to get involved
Ken Whistler> earlier on, when proposals are first made, and for sure when
Ken Whistler> approvals first start appearing in the Pipeline Table:

Ken Whistler>

Ken Whistler> If a proposed character (or script or collection of symbols) is marked
Ken Whistler> in yellow or green in that table, there is still a chance to provide
Ken Whistler> feedback
Ken Whistler> and potentially influence an encoding decision. But once a proposed
Ken Whistler> character reaches ISO Stage 6 in that table (signaled by the
Ken Whistler> table entry turning to white), it is too late -- the character in question
Ken Whistler> has passed its ballotting and is part of the standard(s).

Ken Whistler> At this point, regarding the dammas in question, it is a matter
Ken Whistler> instead of providing appropriate documentation of equivalence
Ken Whistler> (or non-equivalence) in use and explaining when one might want
Ken Whistler> to use one variant or another in text.

Ken Whistler> --Ken

Dear Ken,

I am not an expert in matters Unicode or ISO,
but it looks to me like a horrible mistake to
CREATE a new letter/marks where none exists.

Until now damma is damma is short u,
and it seems to be that damma with dot is o
or a close variant of it everywhere where
Arabic script is used.

I fear that if Unicode creates a RIGHT ARROWHEAD
ABOVE WITH DOT where up till now only damma with dot
(albeit in the proper local style) exists, chaos will
be the result: Christian missionaries will use
the new Unicoded arrowhead and Muslims will use
fonts that display almost the same shape (sometimes
a bit rounder sometimes rotated by 45 to the right)
at the proper place, just as they will have a
properly shaped damma.

And if you want to be consistend
you HAVE TO encode an "Guinean" damma to:

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