Re: on proposed new Arab script characters for African lanugages (n3882)

From: mmarx <>
Date: Tue, 16 Aug 2011 06:30:13 +0200


you do not answer my mails concerning marks called
by the local communities "damma" and looking
exactly like a damma are encoded a second time
as arrowhead.

It is as if some letters were encoded a second
time accompanied by a nastaliq rendering
because Pakistani have a "clear preference"
for writing their languages in nastaliq style.

The author of n3882 state again and again that
arrowhead and damma are the same character.
What else is needed? Does n3882 and the images
of Arab text I provided not sufficiently
show that these marks should never have been
encoded and that users should be encouraged
to use the properly encoded marks albeit
with the shape suiting the font and the user


P.S. When you look at the images in n3882
     demonstrating the need for these marks
     (14-17, and 9,10, 19 too) you see that
     fatha and kasra too have a different
     shape. It is the same as used in
     Maghribi Arab texts, but different
     from the Eastern shape.
     Why don't you encoded these as well?
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