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Date: Fri, 19 Aug 2011 07:53:10 -0700

Michael Everson <everson at evertype dot com> wrote:

>> So your private agreement, in addition to specifying the meaning of
>> your PUA characters and probably some sample glyphs, can also specify
>> their properties, overriding the default properties.
> Gods know I wouldn't have any idea how to get my operating system to
> honour such a declaration.

That's up to the operating system, obviously.

This topic has come up at least once before, and out of one of those
discussions I ended up posting properties for the PUA allocations for my
invented script. Bidi class, combining class, numeric values, etc.
It's part of the private agreement. I can't personally tell an OS or
application (unless I write it) how to interpret those properties, but
they are out there, and it would be theoretically possible for an OS or
app to accept those properties in some format and honor them.

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