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Date: Sun, 21 Aug 2011 14:14:48 -0400

On 08/21/2011 01:09 PM, John Hudson wrote:
> Jonathan Rosenne wrote:
>> People do all kinds of fancy things. I guess old manuscripts contain
>> many
>> ligatures...
> Not in Hebrew. The only common ligature is the aleph_lamed, a
> post-classical import from Judaeo-Arabic.
Closest you might have to "ligatures" is idiosyncratic
letters-getting-joined-together by rapid writing, etc. There are some
examples in Ada Yardeni's book. But they're not really ligatures; at
best _maybe_ they're calligraphic variants (tho mostly they're quite the
opposite of calligraphic).

Alef-Lamed did get a fair amount of use as a true ligature, though.

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