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There are *three* strong directionalities - 'L' left-to-right, 'AL'
right-to-left as in Arabic, 'R' right-to-left (as in Hebrew, I
suspect). 'AL' and 'R' have different effects on certain characters
next to digits - it's the mind-numbing part of the BiDi algorithm.
With one a $ sign after a string of European (or is it Arabic?) digits
appears on the left and in the other it appears on the right. I
can't remember whether 'higher-level protocols' have an effect on this
logic. LRM has a BC of L, RLM has a BC of R, but no invisible character
has a BC of AL. That's why I tentatively raised the notion of ARABIC
LANGUAGE MARK. Incidentally, an RLO gives characters with a
temporary BC of R, not AL.

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