Implement BIDI algorithm by line

From: CE Whitehead <>
Date: Mon, 22 Aug 2011 14:18:12 -0400


I think many line breaks within paragraphs are soft line breaks but that embedding levels have to be taken into account when deciding the width of the glyphs; that's as near as I can tell.

Here is the description of the algorithm -- is this what you have read?
Some rules are in fact applied after the line wrapping (after the soft breaks) --
"The following rules describe the logical process of finding the correct display order.

        As opposed to resolution phases,
  these rules act on a per-line basis and are applied after any line wrapping is
  applied to the paragraph.
  Logically there are the following steps:
  The levels of the text are determined according to the previous rules.The characters are shaped into glyphs according to their context (taking the embedding
    levels into account for mirroring).The accumulated widths of those glyphs (in logical order) are used to determine line
    breaks.For each line, rules L1L4 are used to reorder the characters on that line."

(I'd have to reread the whole document on line breaking then on bidi to answer this truely; sorry; hope this helps anyway)
--C. E. Whitehead
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