Re: Multiple private agreements

From: Philippe Verdy <>
Date: Thu, 25 Aug 2011 03:13:02 +0200

2011/8/24 Richard Wordingham <>:
>> > On Tuesday, August 23, 2011 10:29:58 PM Philippe Verdy wrote:
>> Even the UTC could create its own PUA registry,
> It won't.  The best you can hope for is a list of registries.

I did not meant as a part of the standard itself, but as a separate
subproject (just like there is the CLDR project maintained
independantly from the Unicode standard, with its own schedule and own
policies) useful for managing encoding proposals during the encoding
process. Like other registries, it vould be coordinated only between
participants of this process, discussing together about which part of
the registry will be modified or withdrawn, and when this will occur.
Such registry (with its own versioning system) does not even have to
give any stability policy (not even a limited upward compatibility of
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