Re: PRI #202: Extensions to NameAliases.txt for Unicode 6.1.0

From: Philippe Verdy <>
Date: Mon, 29 Aug 2011 03:43:08 +0200

2011/8/27 Asmus Freytag <>:
> I also think that the status field "iso6429" is badly named. It should be
> "control", and what is named control should be "control-alternate", or
> perhaps, both of these groups should become simply "control". I think the
> labels chosen by the data file just set up bad precedents. If 6429, why not
> a section for 9535 (or whatever the kbd standard is) etc.

Thanks a lot for admitting what I was trying to demonstrating you in a
prior message (whic was early dismissed as a complete "non-starter").

I lso think that there are too many aliases for controls, if the only
need is for Perl to have a name to uniquely designate those controls.
Choose one alias name, but there's absolutely no emergency for now for
adding four aliases at once for them, when there's no demonstration
that all those aliases are needed! This is just unnecessary pollution
of the UCS namespace.

If there are other mappings to do with other standards, and those
standards must be normative, these mappings don't have to be with
aliases belonging to the same namespace, it can be just separate
properties of characters.

If there are other mappings to do with other standards, and those
standards must be only informative, we already have the "/MAPPINGS"
directory beside the "/UNIDATA" directory where the UCD belongs too.

(And in fact, I think that the mappings found in the informative UTN
for mathematics symbols should be stored in this sister "/MAPPINGS"
folder, as soon as it has been reviewed and the UTN is no longer in a
prerelease state; this could also include the default Postscript names
or Postscript id's also used in TrueType, OpenType, and in the "open"
PDF file format, because these names or id's are supported by an ISO
standard; this would not be different from the mappings used in the
GSM encoding, because there's no perfect one-to-one match between
those standards and the UCS).

-- Philippe.
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