PRI#198 (Unicode 6.1 beta)

From: Philippe Verdy <>
Date: Fri, 2 Sep 2011 03:58:34 +0200

2011/9/2 <>:
> Unicode Standard Annex #42, Unicode Character Database in XML, will be
> updated for Unicode 6.1. The proposed update is now available for general
> public review and comment.
> Review period for this issue closes October 24, 2011. Details are on the
> following web page:

Thanks a lot for the excellent idea if adding a summary of the
available feedbacks received in this PRI (it would be helpful to use
this in fact for all existing and future PRI).

It will certainly help focusing each discussion by type, grouping
people submitting similar comments so that they also find some form of
agreement between each other. It wuold also reduce the administrative
work, allowing people to reference the comments made by others instead
of repeating things, or allowing them to compare the various feedbacks
if they can't be accepted all together (when a choice has to be made).

(When I just start reading the L2 archives, only for 2011 for now, it imme-
diately reveals me the complex task of sorting all the feedbacks received,
or the lack of feedback on some critical subjects, and not sorting
them inflates a lot the number of items to schedule in a meeting
agenda, so much that they may not be studied and discussed with the
time each of the proposals submitted would merit, or some items will
be discussed several times, possibly forgetting some items studied in
past meetings, and where some decisions could be further delayed after
some more investigation time).

And it paves the way for defining the meeting agendas in UTC (sorting
rapidly thingsthat should be corrected early if they are blocking
other items to be scheduled later: it allows a development of the
standard with more precise milestones that are easier to complete
without creating problems for the next milestones).

-- Philippe.
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