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From: William_J_G Overington <>
Date: Sat, 3 Sep 2011 09:04:13 +0100 (BST)

On Saturday 3 September 2011, Philippe Verdy <> wrote:
> It's a bit too late to launch this project, just a week-end, ...
Well, a weekend and a Monday.
> ... and most people on this list won't have the time to make something that is creatively interesting, visually appealing, and meaningful for minds...
Well, I had a go yesterday evening. Checking this morning, I found that the first file that I saved, named Unicode.ppp, was timed at 19:27, that I saved four source files, so that I conserved each stage in developing the design in case I needed to go back to it, and made a pdf for each and that Unicode4.pdf was produced at 19:57, so I enjoyed trying to design something for at least 30 minutes.
Along the way I thought of a slogan, "Unicode, encoding trente-six scripts!" but upon checking I found that it was concerence 35, not conferenece 36.
> I'm not sure that there are a lot of artists on this list, except possibly typographers...
Well, it would be nice to be thought of as an artist, yet one can produce a lot of good designs with typography alone. It is what I like to call "devolved precision". Someone using a desktop publishing program can apply the precision that the font designer has produced. In fact, for the design that I am producing, I am thus far using three fonts and colour, no freehand drawings at all.
> ... (but adding colors is generally not their focus,
Well, the desktop publishing package that I am using, Serif PagePlus, has facilities for using colour and a selection of colour palettes as well.
Also, I am interested in colour.
The following webspace has lots of interesting items about colour.
I once wrote some song lyrics about a colour.
> ... so they would probably need some cooperation, that will be hard to find in a so short time).
Well, it appears that Rick already has someone ready to provide that cooperation, sometime on or after next Tuesday.
Rick wrote as follows.
> Send us your ideas, and we will forward them to the graphic designer as input for this year's conference T-shirt. You can send text, pictures of hand drawings, full digital illustrations, etc.
> The deadline is Monday night, US time. Just e-mail your entry directly to me. I will collect them and forward to the designer next Tuesday.
So, the call for T-shirt design ideas has been of interest to me. Also, as a real project, it has value that anyone who so chooses could use what he or she produces as graphic art for a portfolio, perhaps towards a qualification.
Is there going to be a haiku contest this year?
William Overington
3 September 2011
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