Re: Continue: Glaring mistake in nomenclature , should it have been " Assamese" ?

From: Michael Everson <>
Date: Wed, 14 Sep 2011 19:14:07 +0100

On 14 Sep 2011, at 18:58, delex r wrote:

> ## I think s/he has given and finished her/his his point about why the name of the script is chosen as “Bengali” ….. The English knew “Calcutta” as such,,,, why have you changed it to “Kolkata” ? Well irrelevant from the point of view of encoding characters but my compatriot should understand that “Standardization” is not something about what the English thinks or says . So far as science and technology is concerned the English (British) standards are already obsolete.

I bet that you call my language Angrezi or something similar in your language, rather than Ingliś. Are you planning to get all of the millions of speakers of your language to call English by its "proper name"?

> ## Definitely!! How can a native Assamese/software developer tolerate when he is being taught by Unicode through its well researched descriptions about the characters 09F0 and 09F1 as Bengali letter this and this ?

Most likely he will be glad for his pay and get on with his job without worrying about something unimportant like this.

At this point, I think I have to make a plea: Sarasvati, spare us.

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