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From: Martin J. Dürst <>
Date: Thu, 15 Sep 2011 10:14:10 +0900

Hello Delex,

On 2011/09/14 15:55, delex r wrote:

> The “Dark age of Assamese language” ran for about 37 years in this region when it was tried to kill a the language by vested interests with the help of British Political powers imposing Bengali as medium of instruction in school and colleges and for all official purpose.

That sounds like a very sad story, but a long time ago. Please think
about how you can affect the future, because you can't change the past.

> I think now naming the script as “ Bengali” that too by stealing two unique letters from the Assamese alphabet list and coloring them with Bengali hue is part of that notorious linguistic invasion.

No, these letters clearly belong to the same script. That the script was
named "Bengali" in the standard may be unfortunate, in particular from
your viewpoint, but as far as the official standards are concerned, it
can't be changed (as many others already have told you). Please note
that you (and anybody else) can call this script whatever you think is
most appropriate.

What I think you might be able to ask for is to have some annotation for
the two letters in question, in the same way as e.g. the Arabic block
has lots of annotations for what language uses which character for those
characters that are not part of the base Arabic alphabet.

But why don't you look out for things you can change, and that would be
much more productive to help your goal of furthering the Assamese
language. For example:
a) Check what the problems (if any) there are with technologies such as
CSS for styling,... to be able to use Assamese without problems on the
Internet and the Web and elsewhere. (If you find something, please
direct any comments to the relevant mailing lists, and not to this one.)
b) (this one is easier and requires more manpower): Contribute to the
Assamese language by publishing content, contributing to Web sites such
as Wikipedia, and so on. As an example, it looks as if the Wikipedia
article on the Assamese language in the Assamese language
( is still quite incomplete.

Regards, Martin.
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