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From: Sarasvati <root_at_unicode.org>
Date: Thu, 15 Sep 2011 16:08:59 -0500

Hello everyone,

In recent weeks, we have received many complaints from subscribers to
this list about inappropriate and offensive remarks made by "Tulasi"
(tulasird_at_gmail.com). While first appearing as ignorant but
inoffensive, more recently the messages have become malicious and

Occasionally, a determined spammer like this targets Unicode mailing
lists. Even though the person is banned from the list proper and
banned from sending mail through the server, he or she harvests
individual e-mail addresses and uses BCC to appear as though still on
the list. This gives the appearance that the e-mail is being handled
through our server when it is not. (If you are uncertain about a
particular message, you can consult the archives to see if the message
was actually sent via the mail list.)

Because it is so easy to change e-mail addresses these days, there is
little that can be done about that. Our recommendation is for people
to blacklist (filter out) that individual's e-mail in their e-mail
readers and report malicious mail to the involved service providers
and legal authorities as appropriate.

If you can verify, by examining the full headers, that a specific
piece of e-mail has passed through the Unicode.org server, you are
welcome to report it by private mail to abuse_at_unicode.org or
root_at_unicode.org, and we will take appropriate action.

Please take a moment to re-read our mail list policies:
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