Re: Need for Level Direction Mark

From: Philippe Verdy <>
Date: Mon, 19 Sep 2011 05:50:50 +0200

2011/9/19 Peter Edberg <>:
>> Note also that there's no way to specify a weak direction for the
>> internal content of embedded fields, as we don't have the WDE..PDF
>> mechanism described in the UBA for now (but may be we could emulate it
>> using RLE,B..PDF or LRE,B..PDF (but with which B character ?).
> Sorry, which section of the UBA are you referring to that describes WDE (Weak Direction Embedding)?
> Deborah Goldsmith has suggested a "native direction embedding" which is like LRE/RLE but uses the inferred primary direction of the embedded text. I will try to put together a proposal about this for the next UTC.

I spoke about it in a previous message. There's still no WDE encoded
as a control in the UCS, or as a Bidi class in the UBA, this was just
an abbreviation for something that would not necessarily require a new
character, but that could be simulated using RLE or LRE followed by a
paragraph separator (But I know this can be tricky, because the UBA
currently starts by splitting paragraphs independantly, dropping all
contexts existing before them, before resolving direction levels).

I don't know if what I suggested with WDE (which should also be used
for mapping interlinear annotations (including ruby markup in HTML),
is the same as what Deborah suggested with her NDE..

-- Philippe.
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