Re: Continue: Glaring mistake in the code list for South Asian Script//Reply to Kent Karlsson

From: Christopher Fynn <>
Date: Sun, 23 Oct 2011 02:03:29 +0600


Nobody's saying Unicode is perfect, but it works.

Please realize that whatever "mistakes" you find in the standard,
Unicode is not going to change the way it has encoded Indic scripts,
the names it has given these scripts / writing systems, or the names
of individual characters. A Character Encoding Standard would hardly
be a useable standard if these things changed over time.

The time to have suggested things be done differently, or that
different names be used, was many years ago when the Indic scripts
were first being included in the UCS. Why did no authority from India
complain at the time?

If you have real problems with the way Unicode has encoded the
characters in Indic scripts, and you think it can be done better, you
are of course welcome to create your own character encoding where e.g.
each of the letters in all of the 1652+ mother tongues of India is
encoded separately and then try and get people to adopt your "better"
system as standard.

Good luck to you.

- C
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