Re: Forum Problems

From: Philippe Verdy <>
Date: Mon, 24 Oct 2011 18:11:14 +0200

For such message I think the posting should still be allowed, the
message being still editable and viewed by the user, but not published
before a pending moderation. This will help fight spam posters that
abuse online foums too (not specific to orums, emails are concerned as
well). But if we are registered with an account that has passed some
level, some users could be automoderated (i.e. approved automatically
with only a posteriori controls, just like on Wikimedia sites where it
reduces the work needed to be performed by moderators for edits made
by frequent editors).

2011/10/24 "Martin J. Drst" <>:
> How can one use the Forum to comment on URI/IRI issues when one gets a
> message:
> "Your message contains too many URLs. The maximum number of URLs allowed is
> 8."
> I never liked this forum stuff too much, and this hasn't made things better
> :-(.
> Regards, Martin.
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