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I'm going through N4106
( http://std.dkuug.dk/jtc1/sc2/wg2/docs/n4106.pdf ), and enjoying very
much, as usual. Some questions:

* There’s U+AB3D LATIN SMALL LETTER BLACKLETTER O, not unified with
U+1D52C MATHEMATICAL FRAKTUR SMALL O, I see, as this is restricted to
math use? (Ditto, m.m., for U+AB32 LATIN SMALL LETTER BLACKLETTER E.)

— maybe a "see also" note pointing to U+044A CYRILLIC SMALL LETTER
HARD SIGN, perhaps?

* On page 9 of the pdf document heading reads "Archaic letters for
Volapük" — I mean, it really reads the symbols for "capital ay with
tilde", and "one-fourth vulgar fraction": Scandal material! ;-) Also
these should perobably be deemed experimental, not archaic, as they
were never used for Volapük, and even they showed up as *proposals*
relatively late in the history of Volapük.

* U+1ABB COMBINING PARENTHESES ABOVE will enable, finally, to have the
1989 Portuguese spelling agreement fully set in plain text (and
probably older versions too).

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