Re: [indic] Re: Lack of Complex script rendering support on Android

From: Christopher Fynn <>
Date: Mon, 7 Nov 2011 12:04:55 +0600

On 6 November 2011 07:23, John Hudson <> wrote:

> I don't know why OT Layout is not yet implemented in Android phones. I can
> think of a number of possible reasons, a combination of which might apply.
> One is that the developers simply have not done the work yet, but intend to.
> Another is that they have concerns about font size on mobile devices, which
> has delayed support for fonts with large layout tables. Another is that they
> have security concerns about OTL tables in fonts (Google's webfont sanitiser
> was stripping OTL tables from fonts served to Chrome for this reason, as I
> understand; I'm not sure if this has changed yet).

Well Samsung have implemented it on some phones - and non-Android
Linux phones have no problem rendering complex scripts - so it is not
intrinsically difficult. Even Symbian feature phones sold in India
mange this through Qt ~ and they have much less processing power and
memory capacity than the majority of Android phones. For under Rs
1,500/- new I can buy a small Nokia phone that I can use to send and
display SMS text messages in Devanagri - this is transmitted and
received in Unicode.

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