Code2000 on SourceForge (was Re: [indic] Re: Lack of Complex script rendering support on Android)

From: Andrew West <>
Date: Mon, 7 Nov 2011 16:21:47 +0000

On 7 November 2011 08:34, <> wrote:
> Code2000 supports most BMP code points of Unicode 5.2. It is open sourced
> from September:

I have doubts as to whether this project was actually created by James
Kass. The project comprises the last public version of code2000.ttf
and a 210MB "code2000.asm" file which turns out to be a dump of the
ttf file in human-readable form, both of which could easily have been
put onto SourceForge in contravention of copyright and license by
someone pretending to be James who wants the font to be open source
now that the official Code2000 site has disappeared. James once told
me that Code2000 was maintained as a "66 megabyte dBASE III database
file" which is not what is on SourceForge.

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