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From: Larson, Timothy E. <>

> Hello!
> I'm new here, but have already read some of the online documentation for
> proposing new characters. I'm still a bit unsure how to go about it. Or even
> who can do it. Can individuals submit ideas, or do you need to be the
> representative of some agency or group? How much supporting background
> information is deemed sufficient? Where do I find details (more than just the
> pipeline table) of current pending proposals?

You absolutely do not need to be a representative of any company, government,
organization, or group. I am in no way associated with any associated entity
and successfully proposed a script with ~150 characters. All it takes is a
dedication to serious research, a large amount of time to dedicate to the
process, and the tenacity and perseverance to see a long and arduous process
through to the end. The ability to produce PDFs is helpful, but not necessary,

You can take a look at a large number of proposal documents from June by
following links at the document register
/n4000.pdf . Note that many of the documents are commentaries, opinions, or
discussions of proposals. Look for any documents called something like
"Proposal to encode X" or "Preliminary Proposal to encode X". Note that
preliminary proposals will necessarily be incomplete.


> Thank you,
> Tim

You're welcome,
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