Re: combining: half, double, triple et cetera ad infinitum

From: Philippe Verdy <>
Date: Mon, 14 Nov 2011 20:37:40 +0100

2011/11/14 Karl Pentzlin <>:
> If anybody has a convincing example of a tilde spanning over more than
> two characters, please tell, maybe then a revision of WG2 N4078 or a
> supplemental document for it can be made, containing that sequence.

Change the tilde for the macron (or overbar), and you'll get plenty of
examples. Even cases where you'll need multiple macrons over a span of
many characters. For now, for example, it's almost impossible to
represent common things like Roman numbers using multiple macrons
reliably (even when using a CSS emulation with top borders, you can
just add one, with lots of complications, don't speak about

Yes the case of diacritics applying to multiple bases, has been
deliberately forgotten, and the mere introduction of "double"
diacritics is a hack that solves only a part of the problem and in
fact only solves a small part of the problem, while also breaking the
character identity of the diacritics themselves.

In aparte, I'm still looking for the encoding of a double
macron/overbar that really works, and that can join with subsequent
macrons/overbars at the same height (most fonts place the diacritics
isolately, at positions that depend on the base character, for example
lower positions for lowercase letters than for uppercase).

Unicode continues to argue that the 2D layout and structure of
character clusters is not encodable as plain-text, and I still think
this is a bad position. I'm not advovating a positional system (with
coordinates and sizes) but just the encoding of the core structure of
these clusters, because they are semantically needed and are arguably
plain-text and independant of the fonts used.
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