Re: Sorting and German (was: Sorting and Volapük)

From: Steffen Daode Nurpmeso <>
Date: Tue, 3 Jan 2012 13:25:57 +0100

Kent Karlsson wrote [2012-01-02 22:03+0100]:
> Except that MacOS X *applications* (as apart from more POSIXy programs,
> and should not use the POSIX locales, but should use the
> CLDR locales (via an Apple API or via ICU)... (Yes, I know, CLDR have
> POSIX locales format files covering **some** of the CLDR data...)
Well, i've got good hardware and i've got a great operating system,
but unfortunately my prepaid internet stick is dongled with
software and that doesn't support the latter, but only a fruit ...
and that (but i dunno) UTF-16 thing with the 2-byte wchar_t.
(And to be honest - my beloved OS does not really support Unicode
yet. Blow fish.)
I don't know what you are talking about, vim(1) works fine even here.

> And ISO 8859-15? Really? I don't even find it in the list of encodings
> supports (but maybe that is just me not finding it).
> by default uses UTF-8.

If our french friend wants to do some sorting, and doesn't have
any programming capabilities (in which case i would point him to
use perl(1), since those guys actually love Unicode - and
even their users, too; maybe they make it and do completely
penetrate the former, because they're real heroes), then

    $ LC_ALL=xy cut(1) colrm(1) sort(1) whatever_pipe

should be a flexible way to sort data in the mentioned language,
and which takes three button clicks only!
(Applications -> Utilities -> == 3!!)

> And ISO 8859-15? Really?

But i admit, i use ':read !echo $LC_ALL' -> en_GB.UTF-8, and i'm
a fanatic fan of Unicode, not at last since it enables me to use
my Klingon mother tongue here on earth, and with vim(1)!!

And the € sign is just working, so nobody can tell lies about
political pressure or even power politics or similar PEEEEP.

Maybe the plain C standard, which is about to cover a garbage
collector and a graphical user interface (C 2013.42), will also
offer a graphical dialog box where users can directly fine-tune
all behaviours of character data. That would be nice, and a real

No, our french friend will need additional data from
anyway, and the UTF-8 data can be downloaded from just the very
same locations, if necessary.
I introduced the missing colldef(1) part and some locations were
he can download the necessary locale sources from.
For free. But with some effort.

P.S.: And one thing i really need to add.
      That Ecartis mailing list manager does not conform to any
      just any standard.
      Since *decades* there are RFC 934 and RFC 1153, and it gives
      a PEEP.
      And it even seems to mess up 'From 's.
      That doesn't say anything about Unicode itself, though.

Have a good time.

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