permission to translate UTRs

From: Kang-Hao (Kenny) Lu <>
Date: Tue, 31 Jan 2012 06:19:18 +0800

Dear Unicode community,

I would like to ask whether I and the community I belong to, W3C HTML5
Chinese Interest Group, are allowed to translate Unicode Technical
Reports (and other documents such as UAXs).

The W3C HTML5 Chinese Interest Group is working on translation of the
HTML specification and in the mean time we are also translating the
specifications the HTML spec is referencing such as ECMA-262
(ECMAScript) and CSS2.1. We are wondering if we can translate
documents/specifications by the Unicode community referenced by HTML as
well. These include UAX#9 Unicode Bidirectional Algorithm and UTR#26
Compatibility Encoding Scheme for UTF-16: 8-Bit (CESU-8).

I'm now half way done through UTR#26 but then I realized that I might
not have the permission to do so as translations are derivative works
and the Unicode Terms of Use A-2[1] says

  # Certain documents and files on this website contain a legend
  # indicating that "Modification is permitted." Any person is hereby
  # authorized, without fee, to modify such documents and files to
  # create derivative works conforming to the UnicodeĀ® Standard,
  # subject to Terms and Conditions herein.

and clearly UTR#26 doesn't have "Modification is permitted".

Is anyway we can proceed with our work? We publish all our
incomplete/complete work in our wiki[1] and we do make sure to reference
the original English version.


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