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From: Christopher Fynn <>
Date: Tue, 31 Jan 2012 13:49:28 +0600

On 04/11/2011, Naena Guru <> wrote:


> I do not know about CJKV, but Indic would have been much better off had
> they made their standards within SBCS. I tested this for Sinhala and it is
> a great success.

In the 1990s India had a kind of single byte national character
encoding standard for Indic scripts called ISCII. - Although there was
software and fonts based on ISCII, which were developed by the Centre
for Advanced Computing in Pune, ISCII was never that popular, and most
people in India seemed to have used a whole variety of solutions based
on various non-standard font based encodings for Indic scripts.

When it came to encoding Indic scipts in the Unicode and ISO 10646
standards, as far as I'm aware, India did not participate - though
they certainly could have as they were full members of the ISO in good
standing. Consequently the encoding of the scripts of India in the UCS
took place with little input from India - though it was initially
based on the model of ISCII.

- C
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