(Update) UTS #10, Unicode Collation Algorithm, Version 6.1 Released

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*Mountain View, CA, USA -- February 2, 2010 --* The new version of
Unicode Technical Standard #10,/ Unicode Collation Algorithm/
<http://www.unicode.org/reports/tr10/tr10-24.html> has been released,
updating to Unicode Version 6.1
This new version adds a number of features:

    * The collation ordering for the 732 new Unicode characters
    * A major revision to the ordering of "variable" characters into
      groups, separating punctuation and symbols. This change may
      present migration issues for some implementations.
    * Options added for ignoring spaces and punctuation (but not
      symbols), and for reordering groupings of characters, such as
      putting Latin characters before Greek (for Greek users), or digits
      after letters.

There are also important improvements in documentation:

    * A new section on asymmetric search (where a query of the base
      character 'e' matches , ,..., but a query of the more specific
      doesn't match other accented versions or the base character).
    * Important restructuring and clarifications of other sections.

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