From: Philippe Verdy <>
Date: Tue, 28 Feb 2012 04:00:31 +0100

I am looking for the codes or assignements status of the Cyrillic
letter OE/oe (ligatured) as used in Selkup (exactly similar to the
Latin pair).

This character pair has been part of the registration nr. 223 (in
1998) by ISO of the (8-bit) "extended Cyrillic character set for
non-Slavic languages for bibliographic information interchange" :

According to this document, this character set had also been
standardized as ISO 10756:1996. Note that it contains many other
characters for which it did not document any mapping to the UCS in the
then emerging ISO 10646 standard.

It has even been part of proposals at the UTC and ISO the same year
for including in the UCS, along with other characters (at that time,
Michael Everson wrote a proposal, placing them in U+04EC, U+04ED, but
since the, the slots have been used for other characters (that block
is now full).

It is also referenced in the ISO 9 Cyrillic/Latin transliteration standard.

Still, there's no Cyrillic character I can find in the encoded UCS in
other Cyrillic extended blocks that are not full (for example, the
CYRILLIC SUPPLEMENT block at U+0500-052F).

Where are those characters ? And what about the remaining characters
found in the Registration nr. 223 and ISO 10756:1996 ? And their
status in the ISO 9 standard itself ?


-- Philippe.
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