Re: Emoji domains

From: Philippe Verdy <>
Date: Sat, 3 Mar 2012 21:11:52 +0100

Now I want to see when there will be a domain registered like "⇨.tk"
(in the set of arrows) or "♀.tv" or other symbols from the
"Wingdings*" sets like those for mails, the Earth, or zodiacal
symbols, weather symbols (like the Sun), and various utility symbols
(like the open book, computer/terminal, mouse for computers,
telephone, cisors, folders...), or religious symbols (cross, moon and
star, David's star...)

Le 3 mars 2012 20:58, Philippe Verdy <> a écrit :
> So visibly these ccTLDs absolutely don't care about the issues that
> may come, they just want to maximize the benefits of their registry,
> without performing any validity checks (ignoring the RFC's which are
> just "Best Current Practices").
> And yes they have the right to do that.
> Sorry about the .la and .com confusion, I had misread the initial
> message that I had to retrieve back from history.
> Le 1 mars 2012 08:25, Christopher Fynn <> a écrit :
>> Apparently Tokelau (.tk) will also register emoji domains.
>> <>
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