Re: Combining latin small letters with diacritics

From: Doug Ewell <>
Date: Mon, 12 Mar 2012 10:13:05 -0700

Denis Moyogo Jacquerye wrote:

>> Are these more examples that exist in only one or two sources, where
>> the main purpose of encoding them, or creating or enhancing the
>> combining mechanism, would be to talk about the sources? Or are they
>> in actual productive use?
> The author states he has found several exemples using this to
> abbriviate words, and that it is also used in Latin.

OK, that's helpful. Is the notational mechanism used in these examples
inherently open-ended, such that arbitrary combinations of letters and
superscripted letters are likely to be necessary, and not just to talk
about the notational mechanism itself?

I'm hearing a lot about how best to enhance the Unicode combining
mechanism to allow these constructions, and support text operations like
sorting and orthographic checking, and not much about whether there is a
genuine need to do any of this in plain text. Do people really apply
text processes like these to epigraphic samples?

> It would be useful to know the extent of this use.


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