Re: Klingon on Unicode site?

From: Philippe Verdy <>
Date: Tue, 3 Apr 2012 22:15:54 +0200

Le 3 avril 2012 21:28, Phillips, Addison <> a écrit :
> Asmus opined:
> I think Yucca has a point.
> When the document is in English, it doesn't make sens to display the footer
> date in the system locale.
> The locale used for this function should either be that of site, or that of
> the page.

This depends on whever the site has a concept of user account, when
the user wants to have the general UI of the site translated to his
own personal locale independantly of the content displayed within that

For example in MediaWiki, one connects with his browser that sets a
prefered language that can be used by default for the general
site-wide UI, independantly of the content. If the user creates an
acount and defines another prefered language, that language will be
used for the UI (including generic page footers showing last date of
update of the content).

Of course the hosted article content will not have its language
changed. So there's a separate language for that content.

Everything is good as long as there's a clear separation of the
content using its own language tag, independant of the rest of the
translatable site-wide UI...
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