Re: Klingon on Unicode site?

From: Philippe Verdy <>
Date: Tue, 3 Apr 2012 23:11:15 +0200

The "Last-Modified' header of HTTP is not supposed to be translated,
it has a documented format independant of the locale used by the
server, by the browser, or prefered by the user and configured in its
browser settings or in his personnal account of the website.

It is an hidden ***protocol value*** used to know if the page in the
browser cache is still valid or not, so that the browser will only
redownload its content if it does not match.

HTTP headers are NOT part of the UI. But the browser may opt to
display them in a translated form, as part of the browser UI itself,
but not part of the page content. Such translation will not originate
from the server itself, but directly from the browser's local settings
for its UI.

Le 3 avril 2012 22:49, Elsebeth Flarup <> a écrit :
>>If the visible display of the value of the Last-Modified header (which may
>> or may not reflect the actual last modification time) is regarded as useful,
>> it should of course be in the same language as the rest of the page.
> I completely disagree. There may be many applications and web pages that are
> not translated into my preferred language, but I still want to be able to
> use my regional preferences. Especially common for US English apps and sites
> - I am entirely happy to use the English language UI, but I am very unhappy
> if I cannot see sensible dates with a dd/mm/yyyy order, a calendar where
> Monday is the first day of the week, and numbers where the decimal separator
> is a comma, just to mention the most common issues.
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