[FYI] horizontally typesetted Old Yi (Re: vertical writing mode of modern Yi?)

From: suzuki toshiya <mpsuzuki_at_hiroshima-u.ac.jp>
Date: Fri, 06 Apr 2012 17:23:24 +0900

In "Index to Yi Texts preserved in National Library"
(ISBN 078-7-101-07415-4, Zhonghua Book Company) which has a
list of titles of Yi texts, in both of Old Yi and Chinese.
The Old Yi characters are digitally typesetted, although I feel
its quality has not matured yet.

The orientation of the glyphs are same with vertical Old Yi.
I'm not saying this is reliable evidence to determine the
rotation/non-rotation of UCS or Old Yi texts, just I wanted
to show longer example that is coincides with the glyph
orientations in Andrew's sample.


mpsuzuki_at_hiroshima-u.ac.jp wrote:
> On Fri, 30 Mar 2012 21:12:27 +0100
> Andrew West <andrewcwest_at_gmail.com> wrote:
>> This can be seen in the scans from the two modern
>> editions of Old Yi texts from Guizhou below (ISBN 7-5412-0787-X and
>> 7-5412-0659-8 respectively) where the book title is written
>> horizontally on the front cover and vertically on the title page, with
>> no change in glyph orientation:
>> <http://www.babelstone.co.uk/Yi/Images/Sujulimi2.jpg>
>> <http://www.babelstone.co.uk/Yi/Images/Sujulimi3.jpg>
>> <http://www.babelstone.co.uk/Yi/Images/YizuYuanliu2.jpg>
>> <http://www.babelstone.co.uk/Yi/Images/YizuYuanliu3.jpg>
> Thank you very much!! It is my first time to see a side-by-side
> sample of digitally typed Old Yi characters (On YiWenZiDian
> ISBN 7-5367-1509-9, the front cover and spine have the digital
> typed Old Yi, but no horizontal title in the book).
> I guess there are no widely used existing facility to typeset
> Old Yi, so I think the publishers had no difficulty to make
> a horizontal Old Yi text with 90 degree rotated shapes, if
> they are preferred.

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