Re: right-to-left reading direction

From: Philippe Verdy <>
Date: Mon, 9 Apr 2012 23:26:11 +0200

Use the standard Unicode embedding levels :
* in CSS for example, you can embed the Hebrew words within a span of
text styled with "unicode-bidi:embed". This is the best option for
rich text formatting (in HTML or SVG for example).
* if your text must be plain text, you'll need to use format controls
(but the situation for now is complex: use RLE and PDF around the
Hebrew word to embed in your English text (note that RLE is an
embedding but is not strictly equivalent to "unicode-bidi:embed" only,
as it also sets the default direction to RTL to be used for the first
characters found in the embedded text, as if there was also a CSS
"text-direction:rtl"; this can make a difference if the embedded text
starts with characters with contextual direction, notably mirrored
punctuations and symbols).

Le 8 avril 2012 05:30, <> a écrit :
> To all of you who know about Unicode problems, I need to find out how to solve this computer-program problem. Do you know anyone more likely than you who would be able to solve it? Thanks,
> Carl Masthay, retired medical editor, linguist, Algonquianist, in St. Louis, Missouri
>>Subject: right-to-left reading direction
>>20 March 2012
> -----
>>A year or two ago I had believed that I had solved the embedded text direction for
> Hebrew and Arabic in an English matrix by finding and downloading a right-to-left reading
> program/application. Well, I tried but couldn't find it in my computer, but I have an
> icon in my toolbar for it. Well, almost fine!
>>So I have the Hebrew pointed word for Matthew and put into a left-to-right reading
> English text, and right away things got screwed up. This afternoon I took a lot of time
> to understand what I must do. I must click on that icon for a single line with the Hebrew
> word (with its own little aggravating problems of unwanted spaces or built-up pointed
> letters), but then I must transpose all previously normal-sided English words from their
> now opposite sides back over to their normal sides to read it right AND to unbold the now
> bold-faced ones!
>>This is too much work, and something is not understood about what a right-to-left
> reading program can do. If I have only one such line in a document, I can work at
> compensating for it, but if I have many such lines, it becomes unbearable.
>>Printed books with varying reading directions with embedded Hebrew or Arabic or
> Syriac words must have been printed by printers with reading-direction programs workable
> for embedded words without reversing the matrix text in English.
>>Have you had this kind of problem in a document you have written using English and
> Hebrew in the same sentence?
>>What's your direction-reading program's name so that I can go to the Internet to
> download it?
>>If you don't have this problem and can't explain it, whom can you recommend of your
> distant friends to give me some help on this constant problem?
>>Todah lokh ('thanks to you'),
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