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Date: Wed, 25 Apr 2012 11:27:33 +0200

Shouldn't it be technically possible to store Supplementary Plane
characters in UTF-16 / UCS-2 as well? Isn't that what Surrogate Pairs are


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> Probably the most egregious example I know of is JavaScript. As far as I
> know, JavaScript still only groks UCS-2. I'd love to be wrong.
> Marc
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> It's been ten years since the first non-BMP characters were encoded.
> How are they working in your neck of the woods? There's a lot of places
> where they're working just fine, but I was facing MySQL's support. It has
> had support for UCS-2 and UTF-8 limited to the BMP for a long time; now in
> MySQL 5.5 there's utf16, utf32 and utf8mb4. (MySQL
> 5.1 and 5.5 are the current stable releases.) But there's enough warnings
> about incompatibilities with utf8mb4 to make me pause before switching my
> private database to it, and I think the net will see MySQL databases with
> utf8 instead of utf8mb4 as long as MySQL exists, unless they decide to push
> people over to it.
> (Ada's an issue too, though not one most people will have to deal with.
> While Ada 2005 added a UTF-32 string type, it left the UCS-2 string type as
> is. Again, I suspect a lot of nominally Unicode Ada programs are going to
> BMP-only. Of course, UTF-8 as an ASCII superset is used, stuffed into
> strings labeled Latin-1; it's technically not conformant with the Ada
> standard but it works so long as you don't need much string processing.)
> In any case, is the use of non-BMP characters still problematic in your
> corner of the computing world or is everything looking fine from where you
> are?
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