Re: [unicode] Re: Canadian aboriginal syllabics in vertical writing mode

From: suzuki toshiya <>
Date: Tue, 01 May 2012 21:43:29 +0900

Michael Everson wrote:
>> I cannot exclude the possibility that this rotated text is forced by the
>> limitation of printing software, but, the tuning of the positions for
>> the small glyphs for glottal stop and final sounds (U+141C - U+142A,
>> U+14D0 - U+14D2, etc etc) should be discussed if "U" is preferred value.
> You are GUESSING. Don't guess, please.
> You cannot rotate Canadian Syllabics because when you do the letter-values change. The two examples you have shown are examples of extremely bad typographic choices.

OK, where I can see good examples?

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