Re: U+2018 is not RIGHT HIGH 6

From: Michael Probst <>
Date: Thu, 03 May 2012 08:18:49 +0200

Am Montag, den 30.04.2012, 09:09 -0700 schrieb David Starner:
> I think there's exactly zero chance that Unicode will separate two
> characters that have been unified for the entire history of Unicode
> and used for terabytes, possibly petabytes, of data. Like many of the
> things inherited from ASCII, this is just something that we'll have to
> live with.

Very important argument.

Though there may have been cases of precedence: Like U+201C ... having
been "added to" U+0022 which has been used even long before the idea of
a unicode and is still being used in their stead for many reasons?
Similarly the "short long dash" (a more realistic name for U+002D than
HYPHEN-MINUS) has been "disunified" into U+2010 ... U+2014, just
retaining its abiguity.

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