Re: U+02D0 and U+01C3

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Date: Mon, 21 May 2012 16:51:55 -0700

From: Chigurupati, Nagesh <>
> Hello Unicode Folks,
> U+01C3 looks like an 'Exclamation Mark' and it is categorized as 'Letter Other'.
> U+02D0 looks like two inverted triangles and it is categorized as 'Letter
> Modifier'.
> These code points being categorized as they are would not prevent them in an
> IDN. However, similar looking code points which are categorized as symbols or
> punctuation marks (U+0021 and U+003A) would be disallowed in an IDN (IDNA 2008).
> My question is:
> Should the code points be categorized differently so that they are disallowed
> by IDNA2008 RFCs, or
> Should the individual end user applications prevent such kind of characters in
> an IDN.
> Thank you.
> Regards,
> Nagesh

These characters are used as letters in different orthographies; Ok, U+02D0 is only IPA, AFAIK, so it's an edge case. Nevertheless, the whole idea behind IDNs is that they allow domain names in languages other than English, so eliminating characters necessary for writing a particular language, simply based on their /looking/ like unallowed punctuation characters, would be counterproductive to the entire point of IDNs. Does it present challenges? Sure. But Unicode was developed to meet just those kinds of challenges.

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