Re: Unicode 6.2 to Support the Turkish Lira Sign

From: Philippe Verdy <>
Date: Wed, 23 May 2012 19:14:26 +0200

Well, it looks like tourists in Turkey already confuse the symbol with
the euro...

Because both currencies are accepted there in many places (this is not
true in the reverse situation : you'll hardly find places in the
eurozone where Turkish liras are accepted and even shown on any price
list or price indicator of shops in the eurozone, except in a change
office of a bank, which will display the Turkish flag and/or the
currency code TRY along with the country name, avoiding the currency
name "lira" itself which would be confusive).

So shops need to add "TL" before the new symbol when displaying prices
!!! In other words, they did not even need the symbol except with its
strict design for the banknotes and coins (where the full name of the
currency is also displayed...), but the Turkish law mat require they
display the symbol.

This demonstrate that the "new" TL symbol already matches the designs
already used and recognized for the euro symbol.

And yes it will be challenging for font designers to avoid mixing the
Turkish Lira with the existing creative designs they used for the euro
symbol (and with the handwritten designs which are now common as
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