RE: [OT] Re: Exact positioning of Indian Rupee symbol according to Unicode Technical Committee

From: Doug Ewell <>
Date: Tue, 29 May 2012 12:06:37 -0700

Philippe Verdy <verdy underscore p at wanadoo dot fr> wrote:

>> DE> ISO/IEC 9995-9 cannot be implemented natively on Microsoft
>> DE> Windows; it requires a third-party add-on package such as Keyman,
>> DE> which is not free.
>> It is too early to blame Microsoft (or anybody else) on this.
> I do agree. When this will become an approved standard, Microsoft will
> even provide an updated MSKLC tool to support it completely.

Did you read what I wrote? The *underlying architecture* of Windows key
handling supports neither additional shift states nor multiple dead
keys, both of which are required to support this standard. A new version
of MSKLC on top of the existing architecture will not help.

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