Re: Unicode 6.2 to Support the Turkish Lira Sign

From: Jean-François Colson <>
Date: Wed, 30 May 2012 05:14:35 +0200

Le 29/05/12 13:12, Shriramana Sharma a écrit :
> I think today's software makes such propagation quick. For instance,
> the Indian Rupee sign officially announced on Aug 15, 2010, was
> released with *ubuntu 10.10 in Nov 2010. See
You’re right. I use Ubuntu everyday and I have no problem to display the
new Indian rupee symbol (₹). It is available in a number of free fonts
(Quivira, Rupakara, DejaVu Sans, DejaVu Sans Mono, DejaVu Serif, Ubuntu,
Ubuntu Condensed, Ubuntu Mono, etc.) which anyone can download easily
and, when the symbol is missing in a font, the system pick it in another
font which contains it.
I can type it easily since I’ve added it to my ~/.XCompose file (I type
either Shift + Alt Gr + E followed by an r or simply Compose i r. That’s
The main problem is that many people have an outdated system and don’t
mind to update their fonts. But what could we do?

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