RE: Flag tags

From: Shawn Steele <>
Date: Thu, 31 May 2012 20:56:26 +0000

> First, reprinting Shakespeare's works using flags would make it immediately

> and utterly illegible to most speakers of English. So they would fail the test

> of being recognizably the same letter.

FWIW: The "Alpha" flag doesn't mean "A". For example it also means "Diver Down". Most of the flags have other meanings beyond just a letter, like Quebec & Quarantine. So it's not just a substitution cipher. Combinations can also have special meanings. Additionally, repeaters make it more complicated than a simple substitution cipher, eg: November, Oscar, Repeat2, Repeat1 for noon == 4 different flags for 2 letters.

[Description: ICS November.svg]<>

[Description: ICS Oscar.svg]<>

[Description: ICS Repeat Two.svg]<>

[Description: ICS Repeat One.svg]<>


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