Re: Flag tags

From: Philippe Verdy <>
Date: Fri, 1 Jun 2012 00:36:59 +0200

2012/5/31 Doug Ewell <>:
> Philippe Verdy wrote:
>> So to represent the flag of Japan, you could encode:
>> [...]
> For me, the existing Plane 14 mechanism would have worked just as well,
> without requiring three more duplicate sets of printable Basic Latin.

You can perfectly map this small set of symbols in Plane 14.

And no, they are NOT confusable and not a duplicate set of Basic Latin
: their representative glyphs will be clearly different. They will be
REAL symbols, even if they embed a letter in their default
representative glyph (this letter will disappear when the ligatures
will be generated by renderers supporting a mapping from flag codes to
actual glyphs, either with fonts build specifically for some
recognized ligatured, or with the help of an external protocol to get
a flag from an external flags registry (which we don't need to specify
in Unicode).
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