Unicode sessions at Localization World Paris

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On Monday, 4 June, noted experts Richard Ishida (W3C) and Addison Phillips
(Lab126) will team up to present a full day of sessions on Unicode.

In the morning, Richard Ishida will present “An Introduction to Writing
Systems and Unicode”, a tutorial that will introduce the basic functioning
of Unicode in dealing with non-Latin writing systems. It is an excellent
orientation for people new to these concepts, but it also offers content
for people at intermediate and advanced levels due to the breadth of
scripts discussed.

In the afternoon, Addison will present "Internationalization: An
Introduction", a two-part tutorial covering:

• What is internationalization?
• What is Unicode? Implementing and using the standard.
• How do you prepare software localization and translation?

Finally, Richard and Addison will present " Towards the Promised Land:
Globalization Developments in Web Standards", which surveys current
developments at the W3C.

You may register for any or all of these sessions via
http://localizationworld.com/lwparis2012/registration.php where you will
see the sessions in the preconference day.

This is an opportunity to get a taste of the Unicode conference to be held
in California on the following October 22-24, and see how the people on
your staff can benefit from a deeper knowledge of Unicode and

Lisa Moore

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