Re: [OT] Flerovium and livermorium get names on the periodic table of elements

From: Andrew West <>
Date: Fri, 1 Jun 2012 23:50:42 +0100

On 1 June 2012 23:02, Peter Constable <> wrote:

There don't appear to have been any Chinese characters assigned to
these two elements yet, but it is interesting to note that there are
no simplified forms for eight of the elements with highest atomic

104 Rf 鑪 钅卢
105 Db 𨧀 钅杜
106 Sg 𨭎 钅喜
107 Bh 𨨏 钅波
108 Hs 𨭆 钅黑
109 Mt 䥑 钅麦
111 Rg 錀 钅仑
112 Cn 鎶 钅哥

which are represented with PUA characters at:

and as components at:

(110 Ds is already encoded in CJK-D as U+2B7FC 𫟼)

Seem like candidates for urgent encoding to me.

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