Re: Ruble symbol?

From: Jukka K. Korpela <>
Date: Sat, 02 Jun 2012 22:58:42 +0300

2012-06-02 22:01, Michael Everson wrote:

> On 2 Jun 2012, at 19:49, Jean-François Colson wrote:
>> At I see a price in rubles, 31,500 р, where the currency is written р (Cyrillic r).
>> But that р is displayed as a capital Р (Cyrillic R) with stroke.
>> I’ve never been in Russia. That’s why I have a few questions:
>> Is that symbol is in everyday use?
> We don't know.

The symbol seems to have its proponents, and the page cited belongs to
one of the eager proponents of the “Lebedev–Tarbeyev symbol”

>> Why doesn’t Unicode support it yet?
> Because I haven't written a proposal for it because so far it does not appear that any of the banking authorities or the Russian Finance Ministry supports it.

The constitution of Russia gives the right to approve a graphic symbol
for the ruble to the Central Bank of Russia. So far, the bank has not
exercised this right.

The page may give a different
impression. It also has some images depicting actual use.

I guess they just never thought of the possibility of submitting a
proposal on adding the symbol to Unicode. Such a proposal would create
an interesting situation, especially if it were accompanied with
substantial demonstration of actual use.

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