Re: Unicode Core

From: Raymond Mercier <>
Date: Thu, 21 Jun 2012 12:51:12 +0100

Michael Everson:
>> Perhaps less than us character mavens would imagine. Books don't publish
>> themselves, and publishing takes resources of various kinds.
Julian Bradfield:
> Not much, if they use the Lulu route, as they already have an account
> set up. An hour of somebody's time should do it.
> And at a Lulu price, there'll be a lot more of a market than at an
> Addison-Wesley price!

I haven't work out the number of pages needed for all the charts, but even
if it needed two volumes, what is the problem with that ?
It is not just for private libraries like mine, but this is something,
complete with the charts, that should be in the reference section of every
university library, and every computer library. Or do we tell the library
user that they can always download the charts ?
Raymond Mercier
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