Proposed updates for Unicode Collation and IDNA

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Date: Tue, 26 Jun 2012 16:54:10 -0700

The proposed update of UTS#10 Unicode Collation Algorithm (UCA) modifies
the specification for certain edge cases (overlapping contractions), and
tightens the requirements for well-formed collation element tables. The
detailed descriptions of parametric tailoring options have been removed,
and now refer to the corresponding section in LDML
That section adds new explanations and definitions. There are a number
of improvements, including additional examples, and some rearrangement
of text. See PRI #223 <>

The data has been updated for the Unicode 6.2 beta review, and the
associated CollationAuxiliary.txt file in
<> now includes a description of
the implicit fractional weight generation and the context syntax. For
more details, see Modifications

There is also a proposed update of UTS #46 Unicode IDNA Compatibility
Processing. The data has been updated for the Unicode 6.2 beta review,
with minor changes to the text. See PRI #224

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